For Taxis and Limousine Services


For all Taxi and Limousine services when you become a member of Steam Dream Detailing you receive free call outs after hours and only pay for the service. Please note these services are only available to Members.



This entitles you to free *unlimited call outs after hours, a complimentary initial clean from our emergency call out services and 20% off any service offered during regular business operating hours 

Vomit Clean


  • Focused interior and exterior cleaning of affected area

Quick Clean


  • Wash exterior

  • Clean wheels

  • Towel dry

  • Vacuum carpets 

  • Shampoo effected areas only

  • Clean interior trim 

  • Clean windows

Unlimited is dependent on the number of call outs already booked during the night and we may not get to you in immediately. Steam Dream  Detailing therefore can't offer the guarantee that you will be attended to immediately therefore you accept that it may take several hours or we may need to get to you the following day. If however the night is free we will generally get to you in less than 2 hours for Sydney Metro Areas only.