Our procedure to minimise Covid-19 trasmission is as follows;

  1. We will only accept tap and go payments - payment device will be sterilised with isopropyl alcohol prior to placing device on a suitable location and we will step away 2 meters

  2. All our staff will wear long sleeve shirts and long pants. They will also wear masks and surgical gloves at all times during the interior clean

  3. A final steam clean of the interior will be done at the end of the detail using fresh surgical gloves and using a new cloth to give the vehicle a final cleans

  4. All high touch items such as door handles, steering wheel, indicators and keys with be wiped down with thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol prior to handing the car back

If you have any concerns or questions or would like to advise us on a better and safer method to deep clean your interior we are always open to suggestions. Please stay safe and wish you all to stay safe.